Each month the University of Chicago offers a free e-Book.  The secret to a longer life is the subject of their free e-book for March, The Longevity Seekers: Science, Business, and the Fountain of Youth by Ted Anton.


What is it about?  Recently scientists have focused on the genetics of aging, the search for a so-called “longevity gene,” and the possibility of tweaking genes to slow human aging. The Longevity Seekers is the story of how discoveries at the margins of science—experiments using the tiny worm C. elegans—became research programs attracting investments from big biotech and endorsements from
live longer free longevity ebookTV personalities.  It is a story of science in our time, of controversy and rivalry, of scientific truth and the hype that feeds on human desire for longer life.


What do Critics say?  “Unwinds like a fast-paced thriller, as Anton recounts the highly competitive race in which scientists, research labs, and global drug companies engage in the search for a magic bullet to extend human life.… A fascinating look at the players who have brought the notion of antiaging to the fore.”—Chicago Book Review


How do I get it?  Get the e-book edition of The Longevity Seekers free in March!

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