Meet the Band and Free Concert – Dallas’ Own Tweed EQ – May 1

Come out and hear Tweed EQ for free at an in-store performance Saturday MAy 1, 2010 at 2:30 p.m. at Bill’s Records, 1317 S. Lamar St., Dallas. It is free admission and you can get more information at 214-421-1500 or Tweed’s new album can be heard here.  Tweed Equ is a combo of old-school funk merged with vintage soul, rock and blues.

Their new album, Harmonisizer, the nine-track CD by Dallas’ Tweed EQ, combines Taj Mahal and Smokey Robinson, as the band’s vocalist and the tune’s songwriter Paisley Ascott says. Winston Mingus’ drums and percussion work drive the song, while Goose Trimmson’s slap-happy bass and plenty of scratchy electric guitar from Sputnik Jones and Ascott make you move.

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