Free May E-Book – Cartographies of Danger – Mapping Hazards in America by Mark Monmonier

The University of Chicago Press continues to offer one free e-book every month. While most of these are academically challenging, this month’s free selection is excellent. The May 2010 free e-book selection is
Cartographies of Danger – Mapping Hazards in America by Mark Monmonier.

“No one should buy a home, rent an apartment, or even drink the local water without having read this fascinating cartographic alert on the dangers that lurk in our everyday lives.… Who has not asked where it is safe to live? Cartographies of Danger provides the answer.”—H. J. de Blij, NBC Newsfree-may 2010 ebook

With chapters titled “Death Tracks,” “Ill Winds,” and “Nuclear Nightmares,” Mark Monmonier’s book Cartographies of Danger is sure to appeal to anyone interested in natural or manmade disasters. But make no mistake–this book is not just another attempt to profit off of a scary topic. Mark Monmonier is a professor of geography at Syracuse University, and Cartographies of Danger is an in-depth look at the little-known science of hazard-mapping. As Professor Monmonier demonstrates, hazard-mapping is as much art as science; detailed seismic-hazard maps of California, for example, failed to indicate the potential for the disastrous Northridge earthquake of 1994. Yet despite its imperfection, hazard-mapping is a valuable exercise and one that will undoubtedly improve in the coming decades.

Cartographies of Danger doesn’t restrict itself to natural hazards such as floods, earthquakes, or volcanoes; Professor Monmonier also covers crime, pollution, and radon using the same principles of hazard-mapping. His examples of hazard maps demonstrate the relationships among mapping, scientific understanding of hazards, and the perception of risk. In addition, the book gives practical advice on how to avoid geographic hazards.

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