Free School Shots for Dallas Children – July 17

Dallas County is offering free back-to school immunization shots this Saturday, July 17, 2010. Health officials want to prevent a last minute rush for immunizations before classes begin next month and County Health Director Zachary Thompson says students will be sent home if they show up to school without the required shots. “The key point is we don’t want kids standing outside standing in long lines when they should be in the classroom” Johnson said. “We’re encouraging parents to take the responsibility, to get your kids to one of our clinics or to a private physician and get the needed immunizations that your kids require.”

The free-shots will be offered from 9 AM until 1 PM Saturday at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church on Hampton Road in South Dallas. Thompson says low cost (not free) immunizations are also available Monday through Friday without appointment at five county clinics Tarrant County Health officials are also offering back-to-school immunizations.

Immunization Collaboration Of Tarrant County:

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