FREE Chair Yoga Class in Dallas – July 22

Looking for something more than the treadmill of traditional fitness?  You’ve found it! Come out for a FREE Chair Yoga class on Thursday, July 22 at 12:30pm at MoveStudio in Dallas. This class will use a chair to support participants in yoga postures and is great for all body types and mobility levels. For more information or to reserve your spot in class, click here.

CHAIR YOGA:  Have you always wanted to practice yoga, but found it too intimidating for your mobility level or body type? Are you recovering from illness or injury and not quite ready for the more challenging yoga classes yet? All types of people can enjoy Chair Yoga’s many benefits, especially the baby boomer population and those with limited mobility, plus sizes, knee injuries, hip replacements, balance issues and nervous system disorders. It will help you increase your vitality, strength, flexibility, alignment and balance; rejuvenate your body and spirit; reverse the effects of aging; and experience a better quality of life. This class teaches both seated and standing yoga postures done with the support and added stability of a chair, while emphasizing breath, relaxation, awareness and ease.

Their vision is to provide a peaceful, inspiring space and welcoming community for adults to experience the joy of movement as a path to wellness of body, mind and spirit. So move and be moved at their MoveStudio, an inspiring North Dallas studio for dance, Pilates, yoga, Nia, fitness and movement experiences for grown-ups. Since 2000, they’ve been helping people move with more joy and ease and providing a unique alternative to traditional fitness facilities, yoga centers and dance studios.

LOCATION: Preston Campbell Center
ADDRESS:    17062 Preston Road, Suite 108
Dallas, Texas 75248


  1. How much is too much in Yoga? For people who are just starting Yoga, that’s difficult to answer. Unfortunately many Yoga trainers too are not well qualified to answer that or just don’t care about it. Result- Yoga injury. Have you or a friend ever faced Yoga injury? What were the reasons? Do you have any suggestions for other Yoga practitioners? Come at Yoga for Beginners at and let others hear your story.

  2. Standing yoga is not always the easiest for me. Thanks for mentioning the chair yoga class. I found that Leeann Carey has a great free yoga video on a modified sun salutation.

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