Free Conference Calls with Google Voice

If you want to make free conference calls with Google, we will like to show you a very powerful solution — Google Voice that is able to provide Google free conference calls and Google chat voice. When you need to talk to multiple people at once, Google Voice has a feature for that. Using Google voice you can simultaneously talk on the phone in free conference with a total of 4 people (you plus 3 others). The best part? It’s a free conference call and included with your normal Google Voice account.

Here are the steps to follow to place your free conference call:

Step 1
At a specified time, ask each free conference call participant to call your Google Voice Number

Step 2
As each participant calls in, simple answer the calls and Press 5 to add them to the conference.

Step 3
The process is simple and as mentioned will continue to work until you hit the 4 call max (including you).

Step 4

If you need to organize a larger free conference call, you will need to look at other conference options such as For smaller conf. call needs however, Google Voice just works!

Another of the amazing features Google Voice has is that you will be able to make long distance calls using your own existing number and you will have the following services.

Voice mail service by Google: Voice mail is an amazing feature because you can talk with the Google Voice mail and record your message and then click send. It is like a conventional email but using your voice. As matter as fact, we believe that this is a more personal and effective way to establish a business and personal communication.

Voice mail letter and text transcription: With this service you will be able to make transcriptions –converting to text your voice mails. You can send and receive Google voice mails that you can convert to text with just some few clicks. We like this feature because you can do the same with other more costly applications.

Internationally long-distance calls: This is a very important service that most of use at least some time. Google Voice provides you a way you can make international calls at a very low cost.

Email and mobile phone notifications: With this powerful feature you can receive voice mail notifications in your email –for reading these messages— and even you could receive SMS alerts –telling you have a new voice mail in your inbox. Google Voice have developed this technology thinking you stay connected and well informed everywhere you are with the less possible effort.

Shared voice mails: Voice mails can be sharer with other users you decide and you can even send forward that can be received by multiple recipients.

The previous features are included in the basic service but you can also have some additional features such as a phone number that can transfer your calls to your mobile phone or your office phone. Also you will be able to send and receive SMS messages that you can even compose from your Google Voice account –using your personal Google email account. In addition, you will be able to block any call you want, record every conversation, make conference calls and a wonderful feature –Screen Caller– that make you hear who is calling you before you pick up the call.

Recording Free Conference Calls

When you host your conference calls, it is very important to use free conference call recording services to record your important calls. It helps you record all or a parts of your call and save it. Because when you are having an important talk in the call, there may be important information shared that you want to keep as a record for the future. So if you miss to record your call, you can never access the valuable details or ideas shared in the call if you need it one day.

So How Can You Record Your Conference Calls?

The good news is, it is very easy. You don’t need any special software or skills. You simply use a conference call service that provides you with this feature for free. There are many top quality, easy to use services on the web that offer you this important features as a part of their package. Actually most popular web conference services definitely have this option inside. So whether you want to host your conference online or using normal telephone land lines, you can record all or a part of your call using the feature available in your account. Just make sure you choose a service provider that offers you this essential feature: Free Conference Call Recording. Otherwise you won’t be able to record your important calls. Also ask them about the sound quality of the recordings, and how you can download them afterwards. Because you want to make sure everything is great to avoid any unpleasant surprises after you have paid for the service.

How to Edit Conference Call Recordings

When you record your call, there may be some parts you want to edit or remove. It is very easy. You simply use a free or paid audio editing software to edit your call recording. We like Adobe Audition and highly recommend it. But you can also find other free and cheaper audio editing solutions.

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