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Amazon offers thousands of free MP3 music free of charge. To get them, just click the link above and click “Get MP3″ on far right side of page.   You can use the genre categories on the left side to narrowfree-music-downloads-amazon-mp3 your search too.

MP3s can be played on computers, handheld devices, smart phones, CD, DVD and Blu Ray players.

Current Free Songs on Amazon include:

1. Honest Face Liam Finn + Eliza Jane Champagne In Seashells EP 3:42 FREE!
2. For The Summer Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs For The Summer 3:51 FREE!
3. Brand New Day (With Tim Myers) Lindsey Ray Goodbye From California 3:30 FREE!
4. Be My Thrill The Weepies Be My Thrill [Single] 2:29 FREE!
5. Come Undone Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan Come Undone 5:43 FREE!
6. Left Of Center Serj Tankian Left Of Center 3:07 FREE!
7. Jealous Again The Black Crowes Jealous Again 5:13 FREE!
9. Boyfriend Best Coast Crazy For You 2:29 FREE!
10. Canadian Lover / Falcon’s Escape Destroyer Thief 3:21 FREE!
11. Psalm Lee Scratch Perry Revelation 4:31 FREE!
12. Gone To Earth Versus On the Ones and Threes 4:11 FREE!
13. Wishing On A Star Beyoncé Music World’s Essence Collection (Amazon Free Sampler) 4:08 FREE!
14. Stole My Heart Little & Ashley Stole My Heart EP 3:13 FREE!
15. Leaving Trails Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Where The Messengers Meet [+Digital Booklet] 3:36 FREE!
16. In The Dreamlife U Need A Rubber Soul The Clean Mister Pop 3:25 FREE!
17. Yes Yes Yes Elsinore Yes Yes Yes 3:56 FREE!
18. Why Does the Wind? (Ewan Pearson Radio Edit) Tracey Thorn Why Does the Wind? 3:41 FREE! 19. A Town Called Obsolete (Live) Andreya Triana A Town Called Obsolete 3:05 FREE!
20. Walk Tall (feat. Paul Simon) Ziggy Marley Family Time 3:16

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