Free Mp3 Downloads from Headliner Band Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

If you are looking for some great free downloads of music, look no further as Phoenix has offered up free downloads to fans in the form of some remixable audio files of tracks from their smash hit album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. The free downloads are available from the band’s website and celebrate its headlining show at New York’s Madison Square Garden on October 20.  The audio files will include lead vocals, guitar tracks, keys and drums. band phoenix free downloadsFans can use the bits and pieces to remix the tracks, adding or subtracting any sounds they choose. In an official statement about the new downloads on Twitter, the band thanked fans and encouraged them to have fun with the tracks.

“[You have] made every moment since the release of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix superb,” the French group told fans.  The band continues on to ask fans to dig in with the stems, adding, “You never know how long we’ll take to record the next album.”

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