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The University of Chicago Press continues to offer one free e-book every month.  The September 2010 free e-book selection is Awake in the Dark – The Best of Roger Ebert

Ebert’s writing is top-notch. In Awake in the Dark, Ebert has produced his most personal collection of reviews, essays, and interviews, providing insights into the man as much as the movies he loves.… This volume contains some of Ebert’s most exciting writing.”—Gary Kramer, Filmbill

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Ebert, probably the most prolific film critic of all time, here distills his massive life’s work into a single volume. After a nostalgic introduction recounting his initial forays into criticism, he presents reviews of the best films of each of the past 38 years, from Bonnie and Clyde to Crash, and a selection of foreign films, documentaries, and “overlooked and underrated” works. More compelling are longer “think pieces” on such topics as colorization, the movie-ratings system, digital projection, and Star Wars‘ deleterious effect on Hollywood. Those, and a selection of star profiles and interviews, allow him to share his expertise and voice his passion in a fashion that daily reviewing seldom permits. The volume’s final selection, a 2004 piece about the healing effect of viewing movies–and of writing about them–during his convalescence from cancer treatment, may well serve as his valedictory. As film criticism becomes more marginalized, Ebert may come to be seen as the last of a kind–the critic who actually has the power to influence a national audience.

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