Free Wi-Fi For 2010 Dallas / Fort Worth Holiday Travelers

For the second straight year, Google will provide free Wi-Fi for millions of airline travelers over the holiday season. Holiday travelers on airlines AirTran, Delta and Virgin America passengers will have free access to Gogo Inflight Internet from November 20, 2010, through January 2, 2011.   The service will give Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops and smartphones free access to surf the Web while inflight versus the normal price of Gogo, which is an in-flight broadband provided by Aircell, of $11 for a 24-hour access.   It is expected that approximately 15 million people will travel on the three airlines over the holiday period.   AirTran, Delta, and Virgin America have all outfitted their entire domestic fleets with Wi-Fi capability, totaling more than 700 planes. For more information, visit   For other ways to save on in-flight Wi-Fi, check out this L.A. Times Travel blog post “In-flight Wi-Fi fees: How to get discounts.”

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