Free Cheese from Kerrygold

Free Cheese! If you complete a quick, 4-question survey for Kerrygold, you can print off a free coupon good for a FREE Kerrygold cheese or butter product, up to $7.00 in value! You can find Kerrygold using the company’s store locator.

After you complete the survey it will redirect you to a link to get your free coupon for free cheese or butter.  We were able to print this coupon twice.

The Irish Dairy Board was established in 1961 to band together a handful of small dairy farms throughout Ireland and harness their collective expertise. That fateful year resulted in the creation of the Kerrygold brand, a premium line of crafted cheese and butter made all across Ireland but sold under one brand name.

Now, more than 40 years later, Kerrygold sales are nearly $2 billion with products available in over 80 countries. We still adhere to the same small farm approach and still rely on independent dairy farmers to supply the finest milk in the world. It’s why each one of our products really are a little slice of Ireland itself.

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  1. I just took the survey and the coupon is no longer available. Bummer! This will give a bad rap for the company and it’s products.

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