Free eBook for January 2011: Thousands of Broadways

Free eBook: The University of Chicago Press continues to offer one free e-book every month. While most of these are academically challenging, this month’s free selection is excellent. The December 2010 free e-book selection is Robert Pinsky’s Thousands of Broadways: Dreams and Nightmares of the American Small Town. Get it at

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Broadway, the main street that runs through Robert Pinsky’s home town of Long Branch, New Jersey, was once like thousands of other main streets in small towns across the country. But for Pinsky, one of America’s most admired poets and its former Poet Laureate, this Broadway is the point of departure for a lively journey through the small towns of the American imagination.

“Pinsky offers a provocative take on the relationship between artists and small-town America. He explicates quotations from Cather, Faulkner and Twain, as well as scenes from filmmakers like Hitchcock and Sturges, and reminiscences about his own upbringing in Long Branch, N.J.”—New York Times Book Review

“Interspersed with his recollections are deft analyses of fictional small-town portrayals.… Pinsky’s eloquent reflections on collective memory and hypocrisy are well worth absorbing.”—Boston Globe

If you want to score some good free reads, check in regularly for the free e-book of the month. To see all of the currently available free e-books, see their list of e-books by subject.

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