Get A Free Fitness Gym Workout – Get Fit for Free

If your New Years resolution is to get in shape, then take advantage of one of these free passes at a number of gyms around town.  Did you decide to lose weight or get more exercise as part of your 2011 New Year’s resolutions?  Good luck and stay focused on your goals!

24-Hour Fitnessfree fitness passes
14-day affiliate pass

Bally Fitness
7-day guest pass

Golds Gym
7-day membership
1 free class

Crunch Gym
7-day guest pass

Here are 4 ways you can get fit for free:

  1. Get out and walk. Figure out ways to incorporate more walking into your day, such as parking farther away in a parking lot or, if you take mass transit, getting off at the stop before your destination and walking the rest of the way. Not crazy about walking? Slap on a pedometer and watch how much more walking you end up doing. The best part about making walking part of your fitness goals is that your only financial investment is a good pair of sneakers (or tennis shoes, if you live in the Midwest) and maybe a pedometer.
  2. Find free fitness equipment. Start trolling on Craigslist’s free section and Freecycle to see if anyone is giving away hand weights, fitness mats, or even old workout DVDs. Are there places you can go to use fitness equipment for free, such as your local house of worship? Investigate these possibilities before investing in anything.
  3. Take advantage of free workout options. Does your cable or satellite provider offer FitTV or Exercise TV?e with the help of technology.  If your cable provider offers the ExerciseTV channel, try it out. We discovered it last summer and take one of the free gym classes from the convenience of our living rooms at least two or three times a week. Most are definitely gym quality, if not better. You also can access some of the videos online and, according to this In Transit blog post on Wednesday, the workout videos are coming to many hotel rooms, too.  Also, you can try swapping fitness DVDs through websites such as Swapadvd (see the November 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping).
  4. Get a free pass above to the gym. You should try out a gym before buying a long-term membership to it. Even though more people join gyms in January than any other time during the year (thank you, New Year’s resolutions), you can still find a way to try a gym for free. Check out this website Find My Gym, which has a search option for finding free gym passes near you.

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