Shopkick Offers $5 off Any $5+ Purchase at American Eagle Outfitters – Jan 23

If you have the shopkick application on your Android phone or iPhone, you can get a $5 off $5+ at any American Eagle Outfitters Store through January 23. I stopped by American Eagle Outfitters and they have some items on clearance, including jewelry for around $6.50. There is also a Macy’s coupon – $10 off $50 (excludes Super Buys and Specials). You just redeem the coupon at the stores by showing them your phone screen.

Shopkick (iPhone, Android, Free) gives users points (called “kickbucks”) when they walk into participating stores (partners include Macys, Crate & Barrel and Target), pick up merchandise (by scanning the barcodes with their smartphone cameras) and make purchases. Kickbucks can then be redeemed for rewards like gift cards and merchandise.  It is a free application that gives you access to special coupons, freebies and other deals, as well as the ability to earn “kickbucks” that you can redeem for gift cards. We downloaded it last month to get a $10 Sports Authority coupon.

Shopkick is the first mobile app that gives you rewards and offers simply for walking into stores, for scanning products, and for signing up friends. You can collect kickbucks and bonuses at millions of stores and restaurants in America. That means at many places around you.

Checking in: You can collect kickbucks for checking in to millions of stores and restaurants across America, that means in many places around you!

Walking in: Collect kickbucks just for WALKING INTO Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Target, Wet Seal and major Simon malls, in 18 major markets: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Atlanta, Boston, D.C., Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Seattle, and St. Louis. More cities added all the time! Plus, you’ll get exclusive shopkick deals at those stores that will save you big bucks, and give you kickbucks (bad rhyme intended :).

Scanning: Collect kickbucks by scanning products with your phone at 250,000 different stores in America.
Redeem your kickbucks for rewards! Get cool rewards like iTunes gift cards, restaurant vouchers, Best Buy/Target/Macy’s/American Eagle/Sports Authority gift cards, Facebook Credits, movie tickets, or if you go all out, True Religion jeans, a Coach handbag, or a 3D 55” Sony Bravia HDTV. And if you feel altruistic, donate your kickbucks to 30 different causes!All you have to do is click “Use this Offer” and then you’ll get a barcode that the cashier scans so you can get the product for free. The coupon expires 12 hours after you click the button, so be sure to click it once you are in the store or on your way there. To accumulate more kickbucks (to redeem for gift cards eventually), you can scan products or walk into stores. We also click on all the stores in the list that offer kickbucks on a daily basis to get the kickbucks, and we have enough kickbucks for a $2 Best Buy gift card!

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