The Dallas Top 10 List of FREE iPhone Applications

If you are looking to add to your collection of iPhone apps, then check out this list of the Top 10 for the year 2010.  As we can see throughout the land, smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and a lot of that is down to the increased functionality and improved web-browsing experience, but probably the biggest step forward is the availability of apps.  As detailed in the newspapers, 2010 was a year of explosive growth in mobile apps and Apple sold !6 million iPhones in the most recent quarter just ended so the trend will continue. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choice and wondering which chart-topping apps to download, Apple has released the iTunes Rewind 2010, a list of apps that iPhone users can’t get enough of.   How many of these do you have?  let us know if there are others that should be on the list.

1. Facebook

No question, Facebook has the most successful social networking platform in the world. It has earned this respect because it has developed intelligent and elegant user interface design with compelling engagement. Further, its early release of the iPhone app completely overturned the engagement model shifting more core users to the mobile device and away from the desktop or laptop. By August 2010, several media reports confirmed that Facebook had 500 million Facebook active users online. The same media reports also stated that there are 150 million active mobile Facebook users on iPhone, 59 million active users on Blackberry, 12 million active users on Android and 135,000 active users for Windows Phone 7 at time of launch.

2. Angry Birds Lite

Hardly a surprise, Angry Birds Lite from Rovio earned second spot. What can be said?The amazing game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. This game isn’t only popular with kids or teenagers but with adults too. Initially made for iPhone, the Angry Birds phenomenon is now available on iPad and Android with other device platforms to follow such as Windows Phone 7. The game is all about revenge against the green pigs and their theft of the Birds’ eggs. With a bizarre twist in the total destruction of the pigs’ fortified castles, Angry Birds Lite features hours of gameplay, an out-of-this-world physics-based demolition strategy for castles and tons of replay capability. With demands for logic, skill and insane brute force, the game expects you to crush the enemy.

3. Words With Friends Free

Dubbed one of the best word games in the App Store today, this game has become the latest craze with addictive game play which allows for 20 simultaneous games and the ability to play your friends or matchmake instantly with random opponents. It’s Crossword Puzzles for the social world. In fact, this game represents one of the fastest-moving social games to take the mobile world by storm. The community has reached millions worldwide and delivers a power-punch of engagement tools such as online chat messaging, push notifications, and the ability to invite more friends from Facebook or Twitter. How can this game not be in the top 10? Casual based games have always been popular on the web and the PC with all age groups so it is definitely no surprise that this ranks third in Apple’s top ten list of free iPhone apps.

4. Skype

Skype has been one of the leading VOIP products on the Internet for years. It is no surprise that the free Skype iPhone app has proven to be popular as well. Why wouldn’t it be? In addition to being able to chat from your iPhone with PC-connected users, with some paid credits, Skype allows you to make WiFi or 3G-based calls to landline and mobile numbers worldwide. While general call quality has improved over the years, there are still the occasional challenging hiccups like delays in calls and voice distortion. Usually, this occurs in weak or dead cell zones or areas which have heavy network congestion. While dropped calls are rare, the calls can be somewhat challenging at times. Overall, Skype is the killer free app that you must have to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family worldwide.

5. Tap Tap Revenge 3

Popularised by the famous Guitar Hero phenomenon, Tap Tap Revenge 3 is the mobile version of this entertaining concept where you use taps to guide the biggest bands in the world such as Kesha, Black Eyed Peas, Metallica, AFI, Smashing Pumpkins and much more. With over 100 free songs, this is one loaded piece of entertainment. Beyond this, the app has a funny live chat system with thousands of connected users with insane weapon action, a complete avatar system for any rock persona and frequent contests for users to win signed artist guitars, signed albums and other prizes. One of the truly addictive games of 2010.

6. The Weather Channel

No iPhone is complete without a comprehensive weather app. Beyond Apple’s native weather app, the Weather channel app sports comprehensive detail such as full screen maps, extended forecasts, severe weather alerts and much more. Using your iPhone’s GPS technology, it pinpoints your location at launch and even provides faster zoom and pan with the use of Google mobile maps.

7. Paper Toss

Somewhat of a surprise, this free game app made the top 10. The surprise comes from the initial experience being limited in terms of entertainment fun but the market has spoken. The game concept is simple. Rather than be an environmental basket case with real crumpled paper, you become a concerned virtual gamer where crumpled paper is thrown into a virtual trash. Eliminate boredom on your iPhone. Game graphics are fantastic with 7 levels of varied difficulty under the free version of the app. In addition, immersive experience is enhanced with real office sounds, animated paper, angry co-workers who verbally abuse you, and varied wind speeds to throw you off your game. Pure mindless fun is a download away.

8. Bing

Microsoft’s answer to Google is the mobile version of Bing Search. Designed for the new generation of search, Bing helps users make decisions and get answers when required. With unique photographs and daily trivia, the Bing app also provides voice activated search which includes addresses and also helps users find great rates for flights and travel deals with a price predictor. Based on your location, Bing also serves up a platter of information with shops, images, movie times near you, in addition to flight information, weather forecasts and walk or drive directions with real-time traffic flow.

9. Rock Band Free

Rock Band Free is the competitive answer to Tap Tap Revenge 3. With very similar features, you get the same set of stellar band music, with options to blast music out on guitar, bass, drums or vocals in Easy, Medium or Hard modes. The game offers free and premium tracks from the in-game music store and allows you to compete against others for leaderboard rankings.

10. Talking Tom Cat

A modern day variation of the wildly popular Tamagotchi virtual pet game, Talking Tom Cat is your pet cat who repeats everything you say in your iPhone with a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him and grab his tail. You can even record your own statements with Tom, save them in your library and send them as MMS to friends, family or even the boss if you’d like to be creative with your resignation. You can even upload your clips to social networking platforms such as YouTube and Facebook or even send them via email. While there is no goal objective to feed and nurture Tom, you can feed him with a glass of milk.

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