Free iPhone Tip: Turn Your iPhone Into a Hotspot For Free

Are you itching to turn your iPhonein to a WiFI Hot spot but hate laying out $20 per month for the privelege?  Verizon got a lot of people excited  when it said it would allow the iPhone 4 to act as a hotspot for up to five mobile devices. AT&T is promising the same soon, but both carriers will charge you an extra monthly fee for it. (Verizon charges $20 per month, but no word from AT&T yet).  Fortunately, Lifehacker found a great app for jailbroken iPhones that will enable the hotspot feature without being charged by your carrier.  If you feel comfortable jailbreaking your phone, download the MyWi app from the Cydia app store. (Cydia shows up on your phone after you jailbreak).   MyWi will cost you $20, but you’ll save much more than that in monthly fees. Learn how to jailbreak your phone before getting started.

Thanks to Free Things to Do in Gainesville for this tip

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