Today’s Great Deal: Blockbuster Rentals –Only $2! Act Now!

Are you a big movie/film watcher?  Well now you can get a great deal!  Groupon has just launched a national deal that is great for avid movie renters — Right now, you can get 5 rentals from Blockbuster Express kiosk for just $2.  As you know, most DVDs normally rent for $1 per night, so you’re saving more than half price.  With this deal, you’ll receive 5 promo codes good for the first night of a rental.  The great thing about Blockbuster Express is you can reserve movies online with a promo code, unlike Redbox where you have to be at the kiosk and hope your movie is in stock. Your rentals expire May 1, 2013, so you have lots of time to use them!

This deal is located on Groupon’s Atlanta site, but it’s a national deal good for any Blockbuster Express kiosk. Check out the locations near you online.

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