Need Girl Scout Cookies? Get This FREE iPhone/Android App

The West Chesterfield Girl Scouts’ troop on Chicago’s South Side is counting on a new GPS-tracking “app” to tell cookie fans where they are selling cookies at booths, boosting their two-year-long effort to raise enough money to visit Washington, D.C.  The “Cookie Locator” app, which uses the global positioning satellite technology to pinpoint locations, is free to download on iPhone and Android mobile devices.    The West Chesterfield troop did their biggest sales at their booth setups last year, selling 8,500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies at the Dominick’s grocery store in the South Loop and at Sam’s Club in south suburban Lansing, said Sheryl Carter, leader of the troop’s Daisies, Brownies and Juniors.   Abrianna Carter, 14, a Girl Scout troop member who attends the Air Force Academy, says the “Cookie Locator” app will make it easier for cookie fans to find sales sites, given that customers can get easily confused when they hunt for the sites on the Web or via telephone messages.  Girl Scouts nationwide set up cookie-sales booths each year to sell cookies in local drugstores, supermarkets and discount stores. The Cookie Booths remain open until March 20.

Here’s how the booth-locator app works: Call “GScookies” from a cell phone to get a text message that lets you download the Cookie Locator app. Type your ZIP code, and the app identifies the closest cookie booth and the hours that the booths are staffed.


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