Free iTunes Downloads in Dallas from Southwest Airlines

Free iTunes downloads! Southwest is giving away a free iTunes download of a 20-song playlist of “artists about to fly.” The playlist includes songs from 20 up and coming artists. This month, Southwest Airlines is introducing “InAirtainment”on, which lets you browse “entertainment” options like music, free download itunesmovies, games, TV shows and more from the iTunes store. It’s basically a partnership with Apple that will encourage fliers to download stuff before a flight – or while inflight – aboard Southwest. Since Southwest doesn’t have inflight WiFi available on every flight yet, we’re not interested in that. What we care about is that as part of the introductory promotion, They include Tamaryn, The Dodos, Hayes Carll, Papercuts and Delicate Steve. The code is good until March 31.

CLICK HERE to get your free download code.


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