Free Google Apps and Products for Non-Profits

Google launched its new Google for Nonprofits program today, offering a variety of free or discounted resources, applications and outreach tools.

“This is a new program for U.S. nonprofit organizations that will give them access to exclusive nonprofit products,” Jamie Yood, a Google spokesman, said¬†in an e-mail.

Among the exclusive offers for nonprofits are:

  • Google Apps at no cost, or at a reduced price
  • Google Earth Outreach, which allows groups to use Google Earth to “visualize your cause and tell your story through Google’s mapping technologies.”
  • YouTube for non-profits which makes available increased uploading limits, a “Donate” button on videos, listing on non-profit channels and video pages, and other perks.
  • Google Grants to get up to $10,000 a month in advertising on Google AdWords.

The Mountain View, Calif.,¬†company has also created a landing page online that corrals all of its products that a nonprofit could use that are also publicly available — such as Blogger, Google Analytics, Google Checkout and its Public Data Explorer.

“We’ve also developed other online resources such as educational videos, case studies and better ways to connect with each other in order to better support nonprofits,” Yood said.

And Google also rolled out a “Google for Nonprofits Marketplace where existing Certified Google Partners will offer their services at a free or discounted rate to approved nonprofits in our program in order to help them optimize the use of our products,” he said.

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