Free Download of Angry Birds Rio at Amazon Appstore

Any Angry Birds fans out there in the Dallas Metroplex?  Amazon just launched their own Appstore and is featuring the new bird-slinging fun?   That’s right, Angry Birds Rio is here and what price could be better than free!  Angry Birds Rio normally retails for  $0.99 but Amazon is offering it up for free for a limited time so head on over to the Amazon App Store and check it out!

Angry Birds Land in Rio

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any angrier, the Angry Birds flock gains new cause for vengeance. Swept away by smugglers to Rio di Janeiro, their captors soon find out that these caged birds don’t sing. It’s time to bring back their unique brand of weaponry–the finger-powered slingshot–and launch the newest adventure in the world’s most popular physics-based casual game.

In the original Angry Birds, this peace-loving flock was hoodwinked by greedy green pigs with a hunger for poached eggs. After the pigs stole their precious eggs, this flock was friendly no more: unleashing an arsenal of angry bird artillery, the avian army smashed through the green pigs and their hideouts. The world pulled the trigger with glee as these ornery birds made bacon out of swine.


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