Free Seattle’s Best Coffee on April 13

The first 100,000 people to sign up on Wednesday, April 13 at 1pm EST will get free Seattle’s Best coffee. This freebie is in conjunction with the  introduction of Seattle’s Best new Coffee Level System and a promotion using a 24-hour improv comedy show on their facebook page. The Company is making a play for viral-advertising stardom, launching an ambitious plan to get people to take notice of their level-based retail coffee offerings. The idea is to get people to “declare your level,” then participate in a live comedy marathon meant to upstage Old Spice’s marathon campaign last year.

The comedy marathon this Wednesday will feature 21 actors from “Second City,” the famed comedy troupe from Chicago.  “We wanted an exciting, big launch,” said Seattle’s Best President Michelle Gass. “The spirit of this brand is to create a disruptive idea that builds emotional connection to the brand. It’s not about saying, it’s about doing. Why not make it fun with this 24-hour comedy idea?”



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