Get Your Free Tree in Dallas on Earth Day – April 23

Lowe’s will be giving away one million free trees on Saturday, April 23, including all Dallas stores. Lowe’s is celebrating Earth Day in a big way this year – one million trees big. On April 23, Lowe’s, in partnership with American Forests, will give away one million tree saplings to customers during in-store Earth Day celebrations nationwide. one million free treesWhen planted, these one million trees will eventually produce more than 260,000,000 pounds of oxygen annually, providing air for more than 670,000 people for one year.  Each tree will be bar-coded so customers can register their trees online at and see where other trees are being planted across the country. Customers will also be able to scan a 2D barcode on the tree bag from a mobile phone for instant access to tree facts and a short informational video on how to plant and care for the sapling. Lowe’s and American Forests identified species for each region that can grow successfully in the climate conditions and terrain. The size of the sapling depends on the type of tree. Properly cared for over the years, customers will enjoy seeing their tree become a centerpiece of their landscape. The trees were grown by Jonsteen Nursery.

“Putting trees into the hands of our customers is a simple way to make a big difference on Earth Day. We hope that these trees will be a catalyst for our customers to seek out other simple ways to give back to the earth at home and in day-to-day life,” said Kevin Measel, Lowe’s vice president of nursery merchandising.   To plant a tree at home you will need a free, one-in-a-million tree from Lowe’s, a container, soil, water and light. Once the tree is planted, just sit back, relax and watch it grow. Customers may even share their tree growing stories and progress on the community page of


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