FREE Whoppers in Dallas from Burger King by Staring at TV

Burger King is challenging DirectTV consumers to stare and win free food! The Whopper Lust staring contest on DirectTV’s Channel 111, started on Monday and requires that you stare at a picture on the television of a Whopper on a rotating grill with some instrumental music playing in the background. Stare for five minutes and win a free Whopper. wide_eyed stare burger kingHold on for a total of 15 minutes and get two free Whoppers. Make it an entire 30 minutes without giving in to those hunger pangs and the reward is a total of three free Whoppers. Seems easy, right? But don’t expect to just turn on the tube and go into a different room. No flipping channels or catching a couple minutes of sleep. To win the Whopper coupons, viewers must immediately push a button to respond to pop-up messages. The randomly-timed alerts ensure you must keep staring. Miss one of the check-in messages and the game is over.

This crazy free Whopper Lust staring contest started on Monday and viewers have already logged 597,560 minutes of staring time. That translates into 73,593 free Whoppers – triple the number awarded during Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice campaign on Facebook. And the Whopper Lust campaign is still going on through Sunday. After winning one Whopper, viewers have the option to double down and go for two by staring another 10 minutes. Or they can quit and be satisfied with just one free Whopper. Warning: it’s a double or nothing game. If you don’t make it the full 15 minutes then you lose that first Whopper and have to start all over. There is a limit of three free Whoppers per household and the coupons will arrive in the mail, saving consumers about $3.25 per sandwich.


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