Free Online Access to British Library Titles – Coming Soon

Google and the British Library recently sealed a deal that would allow the tech firm to scan some 250,000 copyright-free books and make them available through its Google Books services. In a statement issued over the weekend, Google director for external relations Peter Barron said that the materials opened up by the British Library represent “an important part of the world’s heritage and we’re proud to be working with the British Library to open it up to millions of people in the U.K. and abroad.” The agreement, according to Barron, also showed that today’s technology gives us “(not just) the ability to preserve history and culture for posterity, but also its ability to bring it to life in new ways.” With an estimated 14 million titles under its care, the British Library boasts of a book collection second only to the US Library of Congress, according to a report by PC Magazine on Monday, and the deal will give access to many of these books once the project has been completed, which Google estimates will require a numbers of years to conclude.


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