Dress Up and Get Free Food at Chick-Fil-A – July 8

The annual Chick-fil-A Dress Like a Cow & Get Free Food event is July 8 and that means that if you come dressed like a cow from head to hoof and you’ll get a free meal!  If you wear a partial cow costume, you’ll get a free entree! But you say you have no cow costume in your closet at home? Chick-fil-A makes it easy to dress up like Bessie!  Click here to download a printable cow costume that you can use to score free food!  Contest: Get creative, and bring a camera!! Because, starting July 8 you’ll be able to submit photos of your bovine beauty in a contest! There are three categories: Cows (age 13+), Calves (age 0-13, groups of 1-7) and Herds (groups of 2-7 people, one must be age 13+). Click here to see last years’ finalists.


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