Free Preview of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner

All Nippon Airways, Japan’s largest carrier, which is set to get the first of the Boeing 787 Dreamliners late this summer, and they offered an early free glimpse of what the interior of these $200-million planes might look like for international customers. Get ready for wide seats in business class that recline into beds, touch-panel LCD screens that offer movies, videos and gaming, and roomy bathrooms that will include a bidet-toilet. “We want passengers to see the difference of quality and comfort as soon as they board the aircraft,” said Satoshi Fujiki, a senior vice president for the carrier’s Americas division. “This is a game-changing aircraft.”

The new jet is smaller than the existing 747, holding 210 to 290 passengers, and its top speed is 593 mph. But the bigger changes are inside the cabin. The new 787 interior design is aimed at addressing common complaints among air travelers such as the need for more legroom, more comfort and better air quality. In the renovated economy cabin, All Nippon is offering passengers in-flight entertainment on a seat-back LCD touch screen, a plug-in port for laptops and USBs and an iPod jack on long-haul routes. Business-class passengers on international flights will have aisle access from every seat and full flat beds, along with 17-inch touch-panel LCD screens. Passengers in every class will experience more room, improved air quality, more natural light from the outside thanks to 19-inch windows and higher humidity. The plane has bigger, drop-down overhead luggage bins, and the larger windows can adjust the light coming into the cabin with the touch of button, rather than by raising a solid window shade. The Dreamliner doesn’t have traditional white fluorescent lights, instead opting for soft “blue-sky” lighting. And Boeing made the 787 with “vaulted” 8-foot ceilings and 17-foot-wide cabins, which is more spacious than previous twin-aisle planes.

The first flight schedules for the 787 and routes have not been announced, but Fujiki said All Nippon probably would be flying 787’s a month after delivery. For now, travelers interested in seeing All Nippon’s plans for the Dreamliner can visit the company’s website at:

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