Get a FREE X-Box in Dallas

Did you know that technology companies are catering to student demand with a slew of back-to-school deals on laptops and desktops, including a free XBox. Nearly nine in 10 students use a laptop, finds a recent study by Student Monitor, a college market research firm. And 56% of all student computer purchases occur from June to August. here’s a brief summary on what different computer companies are offering:

free xbox•    Apple. Buy a MacBook or a Mac desktop for college, and you get a $100 card to the Mac App Store. That could help pay for some necessary college tools, such as the Oxford Dictionary app ($9.99) or the iHomework personal agenda app ($2.99).

•    Hewlett-Packard. HP offers three main back-to-school deals. You can get a free Microsoft Xbox 360 game console with the purchase of a qualifying PC (minimum price: $690). Or, if you buy a $599 or more laptop, you are eligible to buy an Essential Student Pack — containing a printer, three-year warranty and a flash drive — for $199. Finally, buy one of the more popular laptops among college students, costing at least $750, and you can get the Essential Student Pack and the computer for less than $900.

•   Dell. Buy a select Dell PC for $699 or more and get a free Xbox 360.  “A student’s needs are not just reading a textbook. They’ve got to do projects. They might be doing big spreadsheets,” says Charles Schmidt, director of public relations at the National Association of College Stores. “The most versatile device and the most powerful computing device to cover all their needs is a laptop.”


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