Free Car Insurance from GM in Dallas

General Motors and MetLife have teamed up for the ultimate price war: Free car insurance if you buy a GM vehicle. The offer, which runs until September 6th, is being extended only in Oregon and Washington, but GM is eyeballing a national rollout if the program attracts buyers to Chevy, Cadillac, Buick and GMC showrooms. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the deal could be worth an average $727 for an Oregon motorist and $840 for drivers in Washington state. Obviously, it will be worth even more in states where rates run higher, such as California and New Jersey. And it remains to be seen if GM and MetLife leave some states with high rates out of the mix should the program be expanded. How does GM pay for it? The company is taking the amount it has to pay MetLife to cover the cost of the auto insurance out of the marketing funds they would use to fatten up traditional rebates or discounted financing. An auto insurance discount is viewed psychologically, the thinking goes, as something with greater value and meaning than cold cash.


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