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Are you tired of trying to remember all of your passwords  on your computer?  All of us have passwords for each email account., one for each bank account, one for each shopping site and the list goes on, and on. If you want to make your life simple, you can choose the same password for every account. But if you want to keep things secure while making life simple, you need a password manager like LastPass. This free software comes in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version.

When you enter a login, LastPass asks you if you’d like to save it, and lets you categorize it.LastPass is one of those handy utilities that doesn’t bother you; in fact, you may barely notice it at all until you need it. Once you install LastPass, you must create an account, which requires selecting a master password for accessing LastPass. And then you’re up and running. LastPass is visible only as a gray icon in your browser bar, which changes to an easily-visible red if you’re logged in to the app. (You can opt to stay logged in when you close your browser if you’re using a secure PC.)   As you browse the Web, LastPass springs into action when you enter a username and password into any kind of Web form. A drop-down menu bar asks if you’d like LastPass to save the login info, which you can assign to a group. When you return to that site, LastPass automatically enters the login info for you. LastPass is a cloud-based password manager, as it syncs your encrypted data with its servers, but also saves an encrypted backup copy on your local machine.  Thanks to Free Things to Do in Seattle and Free Things to Do in San Diego for this great software freebie!


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    Lastpass has a few security issues, a USB based password manager is the way to go for ultimate security!

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