Things Not to Buy on Amazon

Amazon’s annual sales in more than $34 billion and just because you can buy anything on Amazon, doesn’t mean you should. Here are several products that for reasons of price, quality, or environmental impact you’d be better off getting somewhere else.

1. Groceries

You can now order everything from cereal to canned salmon through Amazon Grocery — but filling a virtual grocery cart can cost more and force you to buy more than you need.

2. Hardware and Hand Tools

Pliers and socket wrenches and drills are usually bought on a need-to-use basis by weekend DIYers who have a short work window. So even though Amazon’s prices are generally good, is buying online worth the wait when Lowe’s is open until 10 p.m.?

3. Home Furnishings

Tools aren’t the only products that benefit from being held and seen. Whether you’re buying water glasses or a lamp or throw pillows, heft and feel are important.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Stick to your warehouse club or supermarket for cleaning supplies. Even with free shipping and Subscribe and Save, Amazon just isn’t competitive in this category.


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