Free American Girl Events in Dallas in November, 2011

If you have a daughter or grand-daughter, you will love the American girl store in Dallas. While they are expensive, the American Girl stores host a mix offree american girl eventsfree events & crafts every month. As you take a look at the events, make sure to keep an eye out for all of the events marked as “Free and open to the public.”


Upcoming free events at American Girl include Cécile & Marie-Grace’s Ballroom Dancing Demo, American Girl Historical Character Scavenger Hunt, Cécile & Marie-Grace’s Dance Slipper Craft, Cécile & Marie-Grace’s Embroidered Card Craft, Julie’s Bracelet Craft, Kanani’s Beach Craft, Molly’s Embroidered Card Craft, & more.  As an example of the fun, in the  American Girl Historical Character Scavenger Hunt, your girl will learn about the beloved American Girl historical characters and will go on a scavenger hunt throughout the store, collecting fun facts about each historical character along the way. She’ll discover what it was like to grow up in America’s past, and find hidden clues she’ll need to solve a fun puzzle. Plus, she’ll get a free American Girl poster at the end! Free and open to the public. For girls ages 8 and up.


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