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Are you like us and going online to find someone to design your logo, some banner ads or maybe a t-shirt design? We suggest that you check out, one of the new great online crowd sourcing design contest marketplaces. It uses crowd sourcing to gather together a pool of designers from all over the world and small to medium-sized businesses, which needs design solutions.  If you need something designed, 99designs can help you. Projects categories include logos, web design, banner ads, and even merchandise design for things like t-shirts and clothing.  Over at 99designs, businesses can hold contests to get logos designed for them. To provide better direction to identity designers than “I’ll know it when I see it” or “just make it pop”, each business is asked to create a design brief that includes a description of their business, the type of logo they want, and the values that their logo should communicate.    The values are dubbed manliness, maturity, bling factor, ageness, fun, volume, complexity, and in-your-faceness in the source code, and they’re input via sliders on an integer scale from -5 to +5.


99designs – How It Works

Contest holders pay a listing fee of $39 plus 10% of the prize offered for each listed project. Depending on the type of project, there is a minimum set prize. For the amount you pay as a contest holder, here is what you will get:

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • A pool of approximately 80,175 designers
  • Wide variety of designs to choose from for each contest
  • Option to run a regular or guaranteed contest
  • Option to run a blind contest where no one gets to see the submissions other than you
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Access to tips on every aspect of running a successful contest

Why Use 99designs?

Economical Way to Get Design Projects Accomplished. 99designs is definitely an invaluable site for anyone trying to start up businesses. The site runs on crowd sourcing – designers compete to win your business. The amount you will end up paying for the winning design (listing fee, 10% of the prize and the offered prize) will usually be cheaper compared to the amount you will be paying for hiring a professional designer, plus you get to see way more variety of designs.

Money-Back Guarantee. This feature is available if you opted for holding a regular contest. With any regular contest, if you do not like any of the submitted designs, you have the option not to choose choose one and you get your money back.

Logo Design – Host your very own “design contest” where thousands of talented designers compete to create a logo design you love, or your money back!

  • You describe your requirements
  • Dozens of designers submit logo design concepts
  • You only pay for the logo design you like best!

Easy To Use. The project creation area for contest holders is very intuitive and quite simple and user-friendly. One nice feature I like is how it gives you an estimate of the expected number of submissions based on the budget you entered.

Huge Pool of Quality Designers. Crowd sourcing is not crowd sourcing without a crowd. If there is one thing particularly impressive with 99designs, it is that you get a lot of designer participation. 99designs has a HUGE pool of actively participating designers, many who are quite good In fact, a guaranteed prize contest can have as much as 1100+ entries. This in itself beats paying one overpriced in-house designer.

99designs Cons

Some inconsistent Quality of Submissions. Since 99designs attracts both amateur and professional designers alike, you may get submissions which aren’t so great. Still, you can easily ignore the bad submissions and focus on the good ones. Here’s a 99designs tip: if you increase your prize, you will definitely get more quality submissions.

The 99designs Experience

To test out, you find designers with the style you wanted, and invited them to join your contest. These designers can be found from contests run by similar companies or from the 99designs blog. Sending personal invitations seems to work well. Their participation is probably their way of reciprocating appreciation of their work. And because these designers were capable of producing what you need, the quality of submissions was good.

If you need a nice design for your business, 99designs is worth a try. You pay a certain amount of money to hold a contest, and you get your design project done. Finding a good designer is hard, and if you don’t know one already, crowd-sourcing your design is definitely an excellent alternative.

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