Get Out of the Heat with a Free Cooking Class – July 8

It’s time for some classes on DIY summertime classics so get out of the house and take a free cooking technique class in July 2012! Get out of the summer heat with Williams-Sonoma Technique Classes and be inspired! Learn fresh DIY and canning ideas with both classic and new cooking techniques. Check out these free cooking classes below about grilling in July 2012 at Williams-Sonoma’s popular free in store cooking technique classes (click at bottom for more information).


JULY TECHNIQUE CLASSESfree cooking classes


DIY Canning:  Learn The Basics
July 8

Join us for Canning 101! Learn the fundamentals of canning, from preparing foods for canning to using the water bath method. Then we’ll teach you how to make a mixed fruit jam that you can enjoy in the cold of winter.


Grow, Cook, Eat: Tomatoes
July 15

The undisputed queen of the garden, tomatoes are available in a rainbow of colors and are prized by gardeners and cooks alike. In this class we’ll discuss heirloom tomatoes and popular homegrown varieties, along with myriad ways to use this summer favorite in time-honored dishes as well as creative new recipes. You’ll also learn the basics of selecting, storing, peeling and seeding tomatoes, plus easy ways to cut and serve them.


DIY Canning: Tomato Sauce and Salsa
July 22

While nothing tastes as good as a warm tomato just picked from the plant, nothing is as satisfying as opening a jar of tomato sauce made with tomatoes from your garden or the farmers’ market. We’ll teach you step-by-step how to prepare tomato sauce and a piquant salsa using fresh summer ingredients, and then how to can them. It’s the perfect way to make the most of a bumper crop of tomatoes!


Grow, Cook, Eat: Summer Fruits
July 29

You know summer has arrived when farmers’ market stalls are brimming with fresh berries – and juicy stone fruits are close behind. Learn to use these fruits to best advantage in everything from simple cobblers and salads to infused drinks and grilled fruit. We’ll discuss the basics of selecting and storing fruits and share some wonderful recipes to be savored throughout the summer.



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