VIDEO: New iPhone 5 Features — Expected Sept 21 Debut

The video at the link below is from SmartPhone Medic, and it shows the slightly longer front panel of the iPhone 5 (expected to fit a 4-inch screen), as well as Apple’s smaller new dock connector. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give us a look at the unibody shell of the next iPhone, which according to current mockups will bring a nice slab of metal to the phone’s rear.    The International Business Times is reporting that a new document surfaced with the “rumored” release date of the iPhone 5. Applause and Cheers!   The date is “rumored” to be Friday, Sept. 21st, with pre-ordering in the US starting September 12th. So prep yourself for the long lines at your local Apple store.  Other retailers like Target and Best Buy have discounted the iPhone 4s which has many on pins and needles taking this as a sign that Apple is planning to release the newest version soon.

According to the IBT article, some of the iPhone 5 features will include a larger display screen, a better processor, 4G LTE technology, an upgraded Siri and improved camera /video features. The biggest plus I think is a longer battery life.      As for the smaller dock connector, a photo last night from a representative shows us what a potential new charging cable for the iPhone 5 looks like. It’s tough to tell if the cable is legit, but we’ve been haring about the smaller dock connection for so long now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.  In other iPhone 5 news, LG announced today that it has started production of next-generation smartphone display panels, Reuters reports, which are widely expected to be used in the next iPhone.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 (or whatever it ends up being called) at a September 12 event, with a release to follow on September 21. That date seems particularly solid now that we’ve heard Verizon and AT&T are blocking out vacation times for employees around September 21.





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