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We love to travel and have found that the Travelzoo vacation newsletter is excellent and they provide a weekly summary of the best airfare & vacation deals. We love the TravelZoo Top 20 listing in every email. Unlike Orbitz, Expedia, and other online travel websites, TravelZoo does not actually sell any of the trips, airline tickets, or tours. TravelZoo merely compiles and displays this information from airline, lodging, car rental, and travel websites. The Top 20 list is is a compilation of the best 20 online travel deals of the week. More than 23 million people subscribe to the Top 20 list (me and my hubby are 2 of those millions) so that we are the first to know about the best deals on the web for that week.


We signed up for this email and have used it to book airfare deals for both business and family fun.




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