Black Friday Deal Leaks Start…… Samsung SIII for $49?

Can you believe the first Black Friday ad for the 2012 Holiday Season has already been leaked?   Click above to get more Black Friday deals.   It comes from the mobile phone sector where Sprint is apparently planning to offer a Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone for just $49.99 the day after Thanksgiving, according to Engadget.   Both current and prospecting customers will have a chance to snag a Galaxy S III for $50 on a new two-year agreement on Black Friday, with Sprint no doubt hoping to use its unlimited data policy to lure to-be network switchers. Supplies are expected to be limited, so you’d be wise to get up entirely too early if you’re hoping to guarantee yourself a unit.     An anonymous tipster provides all the details shown in the link above.


Black Friday sales predictions are already starting, with Black Friday at providing an extensive analysis of what to expect this year for several home entertainment and tech product categories.    The consensus is that the best bargains on Black Friday will be on LCD and Plasma TVs, with predicted prices of some 32-inch LCD TVs as low as $149 and 42-inch Plasma TVs going for under $300. Also expect some great bargains on 3D TVs that also include lots of 3D glasses, especially now that passive 3D sets are more abundant and more 3D content is available.  In addition, if you haven’t made the jump to Blu-ray, resistance may be futile as some players could be priced as low as $39.99. Also, expect a lot of discounted Blu-ray disc movie that can fill your shopping basket.


Dealnews predicts lots of carriers, retailers and manufacturers are likely to follow suit, luring shopper in with low-price smartphones.      If this is indeed what Sprint is planning to offer Black Friday shoppers, retailers like Amazon will likely undercut this promotion. In fact, last year Amazon offered a massive “Penny Pincher Sale” right before Black Friday wherein numerous recently-released phones were discounted to just a penny — including the Motorola DROID RAZR, which had debuted in early November 2011. Given that the Samsung Galaxy S III was released in June this year, and will be six months old come late November, we wouldn’t be surprised to find a better deal on the S III than this Sprint promo.

It’s not yet October, but let the sale games begin.

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