Christmas 2012 Toy Deals: Get Your Kids Some Hexbugs at Low Prices

Looking for some great toy deals for loved ones this Christmas 2012?  are they Hexbug fans?  ‘’Hexbug’’ is a brand of toy automatons developed and distributed by Innovation First. Hexbug was inspired by BEAM robotics, and uses many elements of it. Originally released in the US through Radio Shack, it is now sold in most major retail stores. The original was based on 6-legged arthropods, but now comes in several different varieties. The name ‘’’Hexbug’’’, however, has more to do with the shape of the packaging it is sold in than the number of legs it has.There are a bunch of great deals on Hexbugs and Hexbug sets right now!


You might also want to think about picking up the 20 Hexbug-Compatible Batteries ($1.71+$4.99 shipping= $6.70 shipped!) because if your kids play with them a lot for a few months, you’ll need to replace them.

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