Weekend Whopper Sandwich at Burger King for Just 55 Cents with Purchase through Dec 16

Hungry for a nice burger, but a little tight on your finances?  why not stop in a Burger King, where you can  get an original Whopper for just $0.55 when you buy any Whopper (excluding Whopper Jr.) at participating Burger King locations from December 13-16, 2012 as Burger King celebrates its 55th birthday.  After receiving rave reviews from consumers, Burger King is bringing back its 55 cent Whopper deal and will make loyal consumers incredibly happy as this particular deal has been dubbed one of Burger King’s best deals of the year.     There are some restrictions to the deal. First, it’s only available for the Original Whopper Sandwich. Second, it appears to only be valid for US customers. Third – and this restriction is probably the most important – you have to purchase one Original Whopper at full price to receive the second for 55 cents. So, unless you plan on buying 2 or more Whoppers, this deal won’t really help you out.

The extended deal will be available from December 13 to 16, 2012 – so cash in while you can.  As with every deal, the offer is available at participating locations only, so make sure you either call ahead or ask before ordering to make sure your location is participating.

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