Top 5 FREE Alternatives to Instagram’s Photo-Sharing Service

There has been so much revolt this week against Instagram, who is seeking to profit from users personal photos.  The popular photo app Instagram is on the verge of a mass exodus in light of new Terms of Service, which many interpreted as giving Instagram the right to sell your pics to advertisers starting Jan. 16. The backlash has been notable, with celebrity users tweeting their concerns and disaffected Instagrammers casting about for a new service to call home.

The changes, which were to start mid January, sparked a social media uproar. On Twitter, ‘boycott Instagram’ quickly became a trending topic, with Instagram users vowing to delete their accounts and urging others to do the same.     The public outcry is not typical of the application’s loyal fan base who use it to capture and share some of life’s most personal and public moments. In November, an Instagram photo of Hurricane Sandy appeared on the cover of Time magazine.

But what if you simply no longer feel secure on Instagram? Where can you go for the kind of beautiful filters, close community and ease of use you’ve grown accustomed to? Yahoo has compiled five slick and totally free apps for photo editing and sharing that put a cool twist on the Instagram standard. Maybe you’ll find something here you never even realized you were missing.



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