FREE KFC Boneless Chicken on Monday May 6 in Dallas Area

Who is ready Monday for some FREE KFC Original Recipe Boneless Chicken? On Monday, May 6, KFC is hosting the Original Recipe Boneless Happy Hour FREE KFC MONDAYbetween 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. at participating restaurants. The first 100 consumers in each location to say the phrase “I Ate the Bones” or to ask for a free piece of Original Recipe Boneless will get to enjoy one piece of the new boneless, skinless chicken for free.


“Original Recipe Boneless is a product you have to taste to believe, so we’re excited about providing free samples to America during Happy Hour on May 6,” said Jason Marker, Chief Marketing Officer for KFC US. “Just be among the first 100 people to visit a KFC restaurant between 2 and 4 and say, ‘I Ate the Bones,’ or ask for a free piece of Original Recipe Boneless and we’ll set you up.”



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