Dallas: Free 2014 Labor Day Weekend Access to Genealogy Site Ancestry.com

Free 2014 Labor Day Weekend Access to Genealogy Site Ancestry.com — Discover your family history this weekend for free! Subscription genealogy website Ancestry.com is having a free access weekend!  News reports and even commercials advertising this free week of service have been popping up all week in the media. This is in hopes of once getting you there; you’ll enjoy it so much that you will join this website. It is apparently doing the job that it promises to do as the stock for this service has gone up this summer in leaps and bounds.  This free week allows visitors to the website to search the indexes and images for new and updated U.S. immigration records. Selected international immigration records are also available for search quires this weekend.


You can search and view a billion new genealogy records from 67 countries around the world, from now through Sept. 1 at 11:59 p.m. ET. The information on this website allows millions of Americans to search their ancestors from their begining journey in their country of origin all the way through to where their modern day relatives are today. The amount of family history you can access is overwhelming. You’ll need to register for a free basic Ancestry.com account (if you don’t already have one) to view records.

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