See Free Movie in Dallas: ‘Cloverfield Lane’ – March 9

Are you interested in seeing a FREE MOVIE — get free tickets to a Dallas showing of CLOVERFIELD LANE, which hits theaters March 11th.   A young woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is forced to cope with her new life after waking up from a nearly fatal accident in this thriller from director Dan Trachtenberg. After narrowly avoiding serious injuries in a car wreck, Michelle (Winstead) awakens in the care of a man who claims to have found her at the scene, and who brought her to his home after a catastrophic chemical attack devastated the surrounding area. John Goodman and John Gallagher Jr. co-star.   FREE THINGS TO DO IN DALLAS readers can attend a FREE sneak preview of the film on Thursday, March 9th at 7:30 p.m. at Cinemark 17 in the Dallas Metroplex

Click here to download and print an admit-2 pass. These passes are limited in number, so please don’t abuse the system and get yours now – if this movie interests you. Once our limit has been reached, the system won’t issue more. Remember, even with a pass seating is not guaranteed, so arrive early. 10cl_poster


CHECK OUT THIS MOVIE TIE IN  – is a fake site that Howard Stambler (Goodman) has been using to communicate with his daughter, who he wants in his top secret underground bunker when civilization goes belly-up. Until then, he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty, creating a fake game that can be accessed through the site that will train the user in managing supplies and keeping people alive in a bunker. Although he built the game so daughter can learn survival skills, it’s purpose now is for you sit by and watch as the people under your watch die of starvation and thirst because you didn’t pack enough supplies.  It’s a simple game, but it’s a good time, combining the morbid thrills of Oregon Trail (“Oh no, my best friend just died of dehydration!”) with the crafty tactics of a business simulation game like Lemonade Stand. My group managed to last about 100 days before everyone perished because I forgot change the air filters. Whoops.

Cinemark 17 and IMAX
07:30 PM

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